Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shoulders, goals, and ICE CREAM!

Last night’s Shoulder Workout went well; I weighed in and took some measurements – I know, it’s a bit early (I was waiting until Saturday) but I couldn’t contain myself! I’ll do it again Saturday, with photos, since Saturday starts 12 weeks and GAME TIME.
My measurements (and goals to reach by 6/30):
Weight: 118; Goal 120.
Body fat: 13.5%; Goal 11%.
Bicep (R): 11.5; Goal 12.
Calve (R): 14; Goal 14. (Hell yeah!)
Waist: 27; Goal 25.
Hip: 34; Goal 34. (Again, hell yeah!)
Chest: 32.5; Goal 34.
Forearm: 9.5; Goal 10.
My goals will change on the 30th, based on where I’m at and where I need to be for the show in September.. I like short term goals (i.e. one month at a time), because they’re much easier to attain build off of.
Shoulder workout was as follows:
3 Arnold Presses to warm-up.  20lb dumbbells, 3 sets, 15-12-9 reps.
EZ-Bar Upright Rows. 5 sets:  45lbs 15 reps, 55lbs 10 reps, 50 lbs 12 reps, 45lbs 15 reps (twice with minimal rest).
Superset Overhead Press & Shrugs; 5 sets Overhead, 4 sets Shrugs.
Overhead: 35lb DBs 5 reps, 30lb 7 reps, 25 lb 10 reps, 20 lb 15 reps, 15 lb (one arm at a time) 15 reps each arm (30 total).
Shrugs: 45lb plates 12 reps, 45lb 10 reps, 35lb 12 reps, 35lb 10 reps.
Standing Rear Delt Fly. 3 sets: 10lb DBs 15 reps, 12lb 12 reps, 10lb 15 reps.
Superset L’s (front raise) & T’s(side raise); 3 sets each.
L’s: 15lb DBs(one in each hand) 12 reps, 10lb 15 reps, 12lb 15 reps.
T’s: 10lb DBs 15 reps, 10 lb 15 reps, 10 lb 15 reps.
Superset Rotator Cuff & Static T’s; 2 sets rotator cuff, 3 Static T’s.
Rotator Cuff: 15 lb DBs 15 reps (both sets).
Static T’s: 10lb DBs 10 sec, 10lb 10 sec, 5lb 30 sec (arm circles).
T’s to failure; 10lb DBs.
Machine Military Presses to Failure: 30lb 20 reps, 15lbs 25 reps.
All in all, a good workout – I need to get those numbers up though, I have some serious building to do!  Legs (hopefully) tonight – I’m still a little sore though, so I may lift back..

No new recipe today L BUT I will share my favorite Pre-bedtime treat:
Casein Ice Cream:
1 scoop Casein Protein (I use double chocolate by ON)
2 egg whites (from real eggs)
Optional: 1 T Peanut Butter, 2 T PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter, 1 T Cocoa Powder, etc… for taste/macros.
Whip the egg whites, fold in casein & optional ingredients, add water to desired consistency.  Freeze for 45 minutes-1 hour; take out and stir once after about 30 min.  Enjoy!!


  1. Woo hoo!!! Happened on your blog from the Athletarian. You are stunning! I love that ice cream can be healthy. Does it taste good???

  2. Holyyyyyyy smokesssssssss you are one strong woman! DO you generally do this many exercises per body part? I'm still learning the ropes :)

  3. The ice cream is amazing! The key is picking a protein powder you like - if its not good by itself, its probably not going to be good no matter how much you doctor it up! Flavored liquid stevia does wonders if you have a sweet tooth - try NOW Foods Dark chocolate. YUM!

    And yes, I do, usually.. I try to work each body part until I physically can't, and then I usually push put another set just because! LOL but everyone is different, find what works best for you!