Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hi, my name is Nicole, and sometimes I talk to myself.

Happy Thursday (aka one more day to Friday)!

Isn’t that a shame? I need to stop “living for the weekends” and start looking forward to everyday. Except Monday, I don’t know anyone that looks forward to Monday!

Last night, I changed plans and lifted legs paired with some deadlifts.  Babe talked me into lifting at the YMCA across town, which is almost always packed full of “puffy boys” (as we call them), its also 20 minutes out of the way, which tends to shorten the workout window.  They have much better equipment though, and its bigger than the YMCA closer to home; all-in-all, a short but effective workout.  I think the whole thing took 45ish minutes, start to finish.
And I’m starting something new with this… I’m adding a note to self after my workout summary.  Thoughts, room for improvements, etc…
Maybe it will help me get my head in the game if I yell at myself a little from time to time.

Do you ever talk to yourself?

Warm Up: In & Out Squats.  2 sets; 95lbs 20 reps
Squats (below parallel); 4 sets. 115lb for 12 reps, 135 for 8, 115 for 12, 95 for 15
Deadlifts; 3 sets. 115lb for 8 reps, 115 for 5, 95 for 12
Machine Calf Raises; 3 sets. 170lb – toes pointed out – 15 reps, 170lb – toes neutral – 15 reps, 150lb – toes pointed in – 13 reps
Superset: Hip Adductor & Hip Abductor; 3 sets each
Adductor: 90lb for 15 reps, 90 for 15, 90 for 12
Abductor: 70lb for 15, 70 for 15, 70 for 12
Machine Calf Raises; 3 sets. 150lb – toes pointed in – 15 reps, 150lb – toes neutral – 15 reps, 150lb – toes pointed out – 13 reps
Machine Leg Press; Drop Sets (no rest).
130lb for 15 reps, 110 for 12, 90 for 12, 70 for 12, 90 for 12, 110 for 10, 70 for 15
*Note to self: Obviously should’ve started those leg presses with a higher weight, drop sets should never take that long to burn out. Get used to parallel, and kill it next time – 135 for 8 as a max set is beyond lame.  And while we’re at it, everything needs more weight, and an extra set (or 3).

Wanna see my lifting ensemble?
Yes, thats my gallon on the bench =)

Don’t I look sexy in my bandana?! I can’t lift without it… Honestly, forgetting that baby is as bad as forgetting socks or a sports bra! And let’s not even talk about lifting without gloves!
Never. Going. To . Happen.

Have you ever found an old journal, or an old website (I used to be on Xanga in high school – its always a good laugh to look at that thing!), or even better – and old workout journal?!
I found this baby yesterday – its like gold!  Everything from my last show prep is in here! From 11/13/2010 to 3/4/2011 – that’s nearly 4 months of weights, sets, reps, cardio, supplements, and nutrition – I mean EVERYTHING! I am so excited!
P.S. that notebook is where the name of my Blog was born!! See..

Maybe tonight I’ll lift Chest… Unless of course I talk myself out of it and lift arms (can you tell I hate lifting Chest?!); seeing as those are the only options I have for today, I may combine the 2. Or I’ll cave and just do Chest like a good little girl.
Decisions, decisions.


  1. Wahooo! Today is leg day for me! I'm going to steal your workout (obviously changing the weight because I'm not as buff as you)! Can't wait :)

  2. Do it! And tell me all about it =)

  3. I love finding old journals... but mine aren't workout journals, they're high school journals so it's mostly me whining about a 'boy crush' or some 'girl drama.' I don't miss those days but they're sure fun to read about!

    Nice workout!! I need to pump-up-the-volume in the weight department. Sheesh! 130 lbs leg press?? Daaaaaamn, girl! :-)

  4. Oh I have plenty of drama journals too! Especially from high school - always a good laugh!!

    And thank you for the compliment - I'm personally jealous of all you lovely runners! I am a horrible runner, but I would really love to improve!!

  5. I am SO happy you commented on my page, so I found yours :) I have been dreaming of competing for the past year or so, however have a long road to go down to get there! I have a feeling your page will be more than inspirational for me.. Any advice/tips would be awesome!

    As for your question about talking to yourself, when I am at the gym I am always yelling at myself under my breath.. When I am really worn out and pushing myself and feel like I can't go any farther, I have to give myself a little pep talk - haha!

  6. I wanna look like you in a bandana or not! Dang! You are cut!!

    I am laughing at the "puffy boys" term!! So picturing that!