Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I LOVE Food.

I hope you are totally excited for this post.

Why, you ask?
First and foremost, I forgot to post my weekend workouts yesterday – so you get all 3 today!  And secondly, I took last night off from the gym, and spent the evening baking, so you get some recipes too!
See how good I am to you?

Let’s start with workouts, shall we?

Friday: Back/Chest
Just under an hour in length

Superset; Bench Press & Cable Pulldowns (Close Grip)
BP (6 sets): 65lb for 20 reps, 95 for 5, 100 for 5, 115 for 3, 95 for 5, 65 for 15
Pulldowns (5 sets): 70lb for 15 reps, 90 for 8, 80 for 12, 80 for 10, 70 for 12
Superset; Low Rows & Weighted Dips
Rows (5 sets): 80lb for 10 reps, 70lb for 15, 80lb for 12, 80lb for 10, 70lb for 15
Dips (4 sets): Added 25lb (this is strapped to my waist, fun) for 6 reps, +15lb for 10, +10lb for 9, Bodyweight (no added weight) for 12
Superset; Incline DB Chest Press & Wide Grip Pulldowns
Incline (4 sets): 30lb dumbbells for 8 reps, 25lb DBs for 10, 20lb DBs for 12, 20lb DBs for 12
Pulldowns (4 sets): 70lb for 12, 60lb for 12, 50lb for 15, 50lb for 12 (last set was behind the head)
Machine Fly Burnouts(no rest): 20lb for 20, 50lb for 15, 40lb for 15
Renegade Rows to Failure:
1 set with Push-Ups, 12lb DBs 10 reps
1 set without Push-Ups, 12lb DBs 10 reps

*Shoot for 135lb Bench next time for 3 reps – would be awesome to get that to 185 for 6 by the end of July! Dips should be a lot better – last offseason +25lb for 10-12 was standard.  NEED TO GET MOTIVATED AGAIN!

Saturday: Attempted Legs, became Arm Day
Just under an hour in length

Superset; Squats & Bicep Curls
Squats (5 sets): 115lb for 12 sets, 165lb for 8, 165lb for 8, 145lb for 10, 135lb for 10
Curls (5 sets): 15lb DBs for 15 sets, 20lb DBs for 15, 20lb DBs for 12, 20lb DBs for 20 immediately followed by 15lb DBs for 15
Superset; Weighted Tricep Bench Dips & DB Hammer Curls
Bench Dips (4 sets): These are done between 2 benches, with a plate weight on my lap.  +35lb for 5, +25lb for 10, +25lb for 10, Bodyweight for 12
Hammer Curls (4 sets): 15lb DBs for 15, 20lb for 12, 20lb for 12, 15lb for 30
Burnout Superset (NO REST); Tricep Rope Extension & Cable Curls *These are done on the cable machine that I talked about before – the one that’s numbered and I have no idea what the numbers mean…
Tricep (3 sets): 3 for 15 reps, 4 for 12, 3 for 15
Curls (3 sets): 3 for 15 reps, 4 for 12, 3 for 15

*WTF? I don’t even want to comment on this workout.  First of all – bailing on legs after a set of squats? Boo. Secondly; those bench dips? What happened there? Last season, it was +45lb for 15, for like a million sets. Sometimes I’d get crazy and through an extra 10 on.  Get your head in the game.

Sunday: Cardio/Abs/Misc.
I think this was under an hour, don’t quote me though..

Treadmill: Interval Running (various inclines and speeds): 2.06 miles in 25 minutes.
*To all my runner friends: I told you I can’t run!
Abs were random… Hanging leg lifts, lying leg lifts, crunches, planks, side crunches, etc… And they were done randomly, in between other sets.  That’s how I always do abs though.  I train them 3-4 days a week, usually every other day, whenever they seem fitting.
Superset; Hip Adductor & Abductor
Adductor (3 sets): 90lb for 15 reps (all 3 sets).
Abductor (2 sets): 70lb for 15 (both sets).
Superset; Calf Raises & Low Back Extensions
Calves (4 sets): 150lb – toes out – 12 reps, 150lb – neutral – 15, 150lb – in – 15, 150lb – neutral – 15
Extensions (3 sets): 90lb for 15, 110lb for 12, 90lb for 15

*I don’t even know what to say about this one.  I’ve been in an off mood for almost 2 weeks now – I just can’t motivate myself, and this day speaks on that.  At the risk of being repetitive: GET MOTIVATED.

Let me digress for a moment, I feel like I haven’t been telling you everything
As a competitor (and just as a female in general) I have a lot of unnecessary stress.  Lately I think that’s been hitting me harder than usual, especially after having a less than desirable competition season earlier this year.  I’m stuck with a very difficult decision about next season for a couple of reasons:
  • The show I am planning on for September is a PRO LEVEL SHOW.  This basically means that to get there, you have to pre-qualify by winning regional and national shows.  With the introduction of a new division, however, comes the once in a lifetime chance at competing in a Pro show without pre-qualifying.  This is because, as a brand new division, no one is pre-qualified, so it becomes open.
  • That being said, I’d be silly NOT to do this show – I may never be this close to a Pro Card again!  
  • At the same time though, my body is tired.  I’ve only had a little over 2 months to enjoy my off-season before jumping back in to show prep, and my body is not very happy about that…
  • My body wants a longer break, I want to enjoy my summer, and Rob wants to be able to take me out for dinner and ice cream (which can’t happen during prep).

And that’s where I’m at – battling between a once in a lifetime opportunity and my sanity, health, and happiness.


I took last night off from the gym because, like I said, I just haven’t been feeling it.  Instead of lifting, I played in the kitchen!  I finally made those Chocolate PB Cookies, with some variation, and I made some awesome No-Bake Protein Cookie Creations (for lack of a better name).  But that’s not all – I made beautiful stuffed Portabella Mushrooms for dinner (and they’re vegetarian).

First are the Chocolate PB Cookies (you can find the original recipe here):
  • I added an extra 2 T of dark chocolate powder, and some dark chocolate stevia – I was in a chocolate kinda mood!
  • And they took way longer than 10 minutes – more like 20..

I made a total of 11 cookies (odd number, I know…).
Stats are as follows:
60 Calories
2.5g Fat, 6g Carbs, 3.75g Fiber, 6.25g Protein, 70 Sodium

 6 were actually made like cookies, see:
(Remind me to take pictures BEFORE I eat one!)

And 4 were made as mini muffins (I made a batch of my favorite PB Mini Muffins too):

And one was eaten rawI am a sucker for cookie dough!

Next were these beauties:
No-Bake Protein Cookie Creations
4 scoops protein powder
2/3 cup flax meal
4 tablespoons PB2 + 2 tablespoons water (or 4 T Natural Peanut Butter)
¼ cup water
Stevia, cinnamon, vanilla extract, chocolate powder, etc… to flavor (I used a couple drops of French Vanilla Stevia)
I put mine into the bottom of giant muffin tins, I recommend using muffin papers, or wax paper, or something that will allow individual portions and will not stick – these buggers are STICKY!
Put them in the fridge overnight, or the freezer for an hour or so (if you’re desperate for one ASAP).
Using my variations, and dividing into 6, the stats are as follows:
122 Calories
4.5g Fat, 5.25g Carbs, 4.25g Fiber, 18g Protein, 72 Sodium

And finally, the stuffed mushrooms:

I filled each cap with 1/3 c SmartGround Veggie Crumbles, some diced tomatoes, a few spinach leaves, and 1 teaspoon Vegetarian substitute Parmesan Cheese.
I sprinkled some garlic powder, onion powder, basil, oregano, and parsley on a piece of foil, and then I set the mushrooms on top of the spices, drizzled on some balsamic vinegar and sprinkled the top with the same spices.  I baked them at 350 for 20 minutes.



  1. OMG all of this looks RI-DIC!!!!! I am SO trying those no bake cookies, they look to die for. Do you give yourself a cheat day? Or is it took close to competition time?

  2. PB cookies are always awesome! Definitely loving the PB mini muffin idea too :) Yummm. Sometimes you just need a day off.

    xo katie elizabeth