Thursday, June 2, 2011

Isolation, Almond Butter Dip, and Puppy Dogs.

I am convinced that today should be Friday..  If anyone has the power to fix that, please let me know.
Today is Back/Chest Day!!

I don’t normally train them together, I know plenty of people that do and yes, it does make sense, so I give it a shot occasionally – usually once or twice a month just to shake things up a bit.
That being said, I absolutely ADORE back day, but lifting chest is not my favorite, so combining the 2 gives me a little more motivation in the chest area.

My favorite thing about back day?
The Isolator!

If you haven’t heard about this amazing creation, please check them out:
They are promoted by the amazing DLB, who is my hero (to say the least) and who just became the first ever IFBB Women’s Physique Pro! You should totally check her out as well:

Anyway, just to give you some idea of the added benefit of this thing, here is my pulldown without the Isolator:

And with:

See the difference? You can use it for chest/shoulders too! Its amazing.

Anyway, back to FOOD =)
If you haven’t noticed, I was approved for the Foodie Blogroll (yay!), so more recipes are a guarantee!
For now, a simple yummy dip idea, as seen below with my trusty celery sticks, and a Vitatop (also a personal favorite, and a MUST have off-season).

The dip is easy, and awesome!
¼ Cup Pureed Pumpkin
2 Tbsp Almond Butter (or any nut butter, I just prefer the taste of almonds and pumpkin)
French Vanilla Liquid Stevia to taste (by NOW foods, they have all kinds of flavors – my favorite being Dark Chocolate).
Mix, enjoy!

Oh, and I just had to share this one..
I love them all, so much!

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