Thursday, July 7, 2011


Oh Em Gee.
I have 58 days until the 2011 GNC IFBB North American Championships.
Cue panic attack…

This is not good, and I’m debating postponing my first attempt at Women’s Physique.
I know, I know, not cool.. I mean really, this is possibly the only time I’ll ever be this close to a Pro Card, so why not, right?


I am not ready, and I am beginning to have my doubts as to being ready in 8 weeks.
I’m too small to make my WP debut in 8 weeks; I weighed in at 114lb last night, 6lbs short of my goal weight for June 30.  I need to gain muscle mass, and it’s not happening as quickly as I had hoped.  I don’t know what to do… I really don’t want to spend a small fortune (at the very least this one will run about $300) on a show if I know I have no chance – I’ve done that enough as it is.  I could wait until next year, when WP is in all NPC shows; that gives me more time to grow before I have to cut down again, but that also takes away the aspect of doing a National Level Show without pre-qualifying.


Have you had to make an impossible decision lately? How did you do it?
I feel  like I’m in an endless battle with myself and I don’t know what to do…

I need to make a decision ASAP though, if I’m doing the show I need to get my diet in order for 8 weeks out, and I need to fill out my application and make hotel arrangements.  And I need to pick a song for my routine, and maybe order a new suit.
I’m not going to lie, I’m not ready to give up peanut butter and oatmeal and fruit and other assorted delicacies again, I’ve only been off season for 2 ½ months.. It’s just not fair!

What delicacy (or delicacies) could you not bear to give up? And would you for the sake of looking “good” on stage?

OK, thank you for letting me get that off my chest!
I know I’m missing some workouts.. A less-than-impressive Leg Day on Tuesday and Shoulders from last night.. I’ll get them on here ASAP, I promise!

Have a beautiful day fellow bloggers!
And give me your 2 cents on this… I’m completely at a loss.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I've been neglecting you..

Happy Tuesday fellow Bloggers!
I cannot believe its already Tuesday – and my last post was FRIDAY. Bad Blogger…

I hope everyone enjoyed their respective holidays!  Do me a favor; let me know how you spent your long weekend.
I spent mine at the gym and playing outside with Babe - on boat rides and (trying) to play tennis and taking walks and hanging out at the beach and going on a run.  And yesterday, I got sick! Boo.  But otherwise, I had a very enjoyable weekend.

I think summer time is the WORST time for blogging – life tends to get in the way.
Anyone agree?

I did get 3 good gym sessions in (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), and a run (Saturday), and a well needed rest day (Monday).  Let’s recap, shall we?

Friday was Leg Day!

Lunges (4 sets): 55lb for 40 (20 each leg), 60lb for 30, 65lb for 26, 60lb for 24, 55lb for 30
Calf Raises (4 sets): 150lb for 15 (toes out), 170lb for 12 (neutral), 150lb for 15 (toes in), 170lb for 15 (neutral)
Superset; Hip Adductor & Abductor
Adductor (4 sets): 90lb for 15, 90lb for 15, 90lb for 12, 90lb for 12
Abductor (4 sets): 70lb for 12, 70lb for 12, 70lb for 10, 50lb for 15
Superset; Machine Leg Press & Machine Calf Raises
Leg Press (5 sets): 150lb for 12, 130lb for 15, 150lb for 12, 130lb for 10 straight to 110lb for 10 (no rest)
Calf Raise (3 sets): 190lb for 12 (toes out), 170lb for 12 (toes in), 190lb for 12 (neutral)
Burn-Out (NO Rest): One Leg Quad Extensions (6 sets): 30lb for 24 (12 each leg), 10lb for 24, 10lb for 24, 30lb (both legs) for 6, 10lb (singles) for 12, 30lb (both legs) for 6
In & Out Squats to failure: 85lb for 20

Saturday I ran in the morning.. 2.6 miles in 29 minutes!  (ok, I walked some of it.. But I’m still darn proud!)
Afternoon was Shoulder Day!

Warm-Up; Single Arm T’s & L’s (4 sets): 10lb DB’s for 60 (15 each), 15lb DBs for 40, 12lb DBs for 48, 10lb DB for 60
Dumbbell Military Press (4 sets): 30lb DBs for 8, 25lb DBs for 10, 20lb DBs for 15, 25lb DBs for 10
Superset; Plate Shrugs & Front Raise
Shrugs (4 sets): 45lb plates for 12, 45’s for 10, 45’s for 10, 35’s for 12
Front Raises (3 sets):  30lb for 12, 25lb for 15, 25lb for 12
Superset; Upright Rows & Rear Delt Dumbbell Fly
Rows (4 sets): 55lb for 15, 55lb for 12, 55lb for 10, 55lb for 12
Fly (4 sets):  15lb DBs for 10, 12lb DBs for 15, 12lb DBs for 10, 10lb DBs for 15
Arnold Press (4 sets): 25lb DBs for 9, 20lb DBs for 12, 20lb DBs for 10, 15lb DBs for 15
1 Arm Lateral Raises (3 sets): 15lb for 12 (each arm), 10lb for 15, 10lb for 12
Hold 2 – 10lb DBs in “T” position for 10 seconds.

And finally, Sunday was Chest & Back day!  I never used to do these 2 together, but lately I seem to be combining them more frequently.  I’ll split them up again someday!

Superset; Bench Press & Wide Grip Pulldowns
Bench (4 sets): 65lb for 15, 85lb for 8, 85lb for 8, 75lb for 10
Pulldowns (4 sets): 4 for 15, 6 for 10, 5 for 12, 4 for 15 (behind head)
*Again, no idea what those numbers stand for…
Superset; Incline Dumbbell Press & T-Bar Rows
Press (4 sets): 30lb DBs for 8, 25lb DBs for 12, 25lb DBs for 12, 25lb DBs for 12
T-Bar (4 sets): 70lb for 8, 60lb for 12, 60lb for 12, 60lb for 12
Superset; (Machine) Dual Rows & Machine Fly
Row (4 sets): 90lb for 12, 90lb for 12, 70lb for 15, 70lb for 12
Fly (3 sets): 75lb for 8, 62.5lb for 10, 50lb for 12

Monday was a rest day – and it was definitely needed!  I woke up sick, which is usually a sign that I’m overtrained.  My body knows when it needs a break, and isn’t very subtle about it!

That’s all I have today.. Hopefully I’ll get to play in the kitchen sometime soon so I can get out some new recipes!

Have a fantastic Tuesday!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

OMG, I compete in 64 days.

Happy Friday!!
(…and Happy Canada Day, yay!!)

I wanted to share something with all of you that I read on Tessa’s Blog (Amazing Asset); she wrote today about negative self-talk and never believing that you are truly “good enough”.  I want you all to go read what she wrote because it is amazing, and I think it applies to more of us than you may think.

Myself, for example?  I spend more time beating myself up and stressing over the negatives than I feel anyone should.
I am constantly reminding myself of the exact number of days until my next show (9 weeks and 1 day); I tell myself over and over that there’s no way I can be ready in time. I have too much muscle to gain, and too much fat to shed.
I go to the gym, and tell myself that I need to be lifting bigger weights, with more reps and sets.  I need to run after I lift, maybe before too, and probably first thing every morning on an empty stomach.
I need to go back to counting calories, and my pre contest diet needs to start, yesterday.  No chocolate, no PB, cut the carbs, NO alcohol, double protein, drop sodium, etc…
I get to the show, and I look around at the other girls (Look at them - they trained harder, they dieted longer, they stuck with it – they didn’t cry, they didn’t complain – LOOK at them, now look at yourself.  You should just pack up and go home now).
In the “real worldI know I’m not fatnowhere near it – but in competition world, I very well may be.  I could be too lean as well, or too muscular; I may not be the perfect shade of orange-ish brown and my smile may not be perfect.  I could come in too flat, or I could be spilling over.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being on stage and am truly proud of myself – but I also believe that competing is what formed all of these negativities in me.  It is such a good feeling to be in a show, to meet other girls that know exactly how you feel because they’re hungry, and tired, and sore right there with you.  And then you get out there on that stage, under the lights, and you bare it all – you show those judges, and the audience, exactly what you’re worked so hard to build – but mostly, you show yourself what you can do, and you’re proud.  And then you wait… And every single show I’ve done, at every single call out, I don’t hear my name.  I’ve never heard my name.  I’ve never made top 5 and the only time I made top 10 was when there were less than 10 girls in my class.  All the pride you felt is gone, and you’re left to hear why you aren’t good enough.

I need to start focusing on the positive – I need to be as happy with myself in last place as I would be in first.  I need to find the fun in it again, and that’s what I’m trying to do.  I’m learning how to love myself, and I want all of you to do the same.

You are good enough.  You are perfect.  No one can compare to you, because no one else is anything like you.  Please believe that.

Now that I got that off my chest, I’ll share my Shoulder workout from last night.

Warm Up: Superset; Arnold Press & Rotator Cuff
Arnold (4 sets): 15lb DBs for 15, 25lb DBs for 8, 20lb DBs for 12, 15lb DBs for 15
Rotator (3 sets): 12lb for 15 (each arm), 15lb for 15, 12lb for 15
Superset; Plate Shrugs & Dumbbell Rear Delt Fly
Shrugs (4 sets): 45lb for 12, 45lb for 12, 35lb for 12, 35lb for 12
DB Fly (3 sets): 12lb DBs for 15, 12lb for 12, 12lb for 12
Superset; Dumbbell Military Press & Cable Crossovers
Press (4 sets): 30lb DBs for 6, 25lb DBs for 10, 20lb DBs for 10 (no rest) straight to 15lb DBs for 15
Crossovers (2 sets): 20lb for 15, 20lb for 15
Dumbbell T’s & L’s (4 sets): 12lb DBs for 48 (12 T, 12 L), 12lb DBs for 40 (10 each), 10lb DBs for 48 (12 each), 5lb DBs for 80 (20 each) *Hold last T for 5 sec.
Upright Rows (Cable): 65lb for 12, 55lb for 12, 50lb for 12
Superset; Rear Delt Fly (Machine) & Static T (5 T’s, hold on last rep)
Fly (4 sets): 40lb for 12, 30lb for 15, 30lb for 12, 30lb for 12
T’s (4 sets): 12lb DBs 5 reps - held for 5 sec, 10lb DBs 5 reps – held for 10, 10lb DBs 5 reps – held for 10, 10lb DBs 5 reps – held for 10

P.S. My Supplement Page will be up today too!
Stay tuned =)

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday, and a wonderful weekend!
And enjoy the holiday! (Whichever you celebrate).

What are your weekend plans?

What is your favorite thing about YOU?