About Me

Simply put: I love fitness, ok, I might be addicted (to say the least). 
I train hard, I like to think so at least. I have competed in 3 Figure competitions to date, and plan on making the switch to NPC Physique this year, which should be very interesting.. 
I heart food, and I may also be obsessed with it. I love to cook (experiment may be a better word) with super healthy recipes that are actually GOOD. 
My boyfriend loves me, but doesn't care to hear about calories and macronutrients - so I decided to start a Blog and hopefully find someone that will listen to my endless rants.. Enjoy!

This is my baby, her name is Molly and she thinks she can drive cars.

These are the big dogs, Buster (L) and Sadie (R). They love eachother.

Babe & all 3 dogs..

My mom, my support system.

My dad gave me my biceps, HAH.

The love of my life.

NPC Natural Ohio, 2011

I know, feet TOGETHER.