Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My life is NOT boring.

Hello my lovely bloggers!

I am so sorry I haven’t been able to post this sooner! But you should be totally excited for this post; as a brief summary, you will get: Not one, but TWO homemade fro-yo recipes, 3 work-outs, a story about an accidental run (and a non-accidental run), LOTS of pictures, and my new favorite hair color.


First and most importantly, I love fro-yo so much it’s ridiculous.  The only problem?  There are ZERO fro-yo places within a 50 mile radius of where I live.  So, I did what I had to do, and I made my own fro-yo (granted, I didn’t have any fun toppings – like gummy bears and m&m’s) but I think it turned out pretty good! Side note, the second recipe is the better of the 2 – if your preference is sweeter!

Fro-Yo Recipe #1
¼ cup Greek Yogurt
1 scoop chocolate PB protein powder (I used Myofusion)
1 tablespoon natural PB
Dark-Chocolate flavored stevia
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
Mix everything together and freeze for 45 minutes – take it out, stir everything & freeze for 20 minutes.  Eat, savor, take pictures, and send to Christina.

Fro-Yo Recipe #2
1 4oz container Fiber One French vanilla yogurt
1 scoop Casein protein powder (I used double chocolate – you can substitute any protein powder though)
1 T (more or less depending on consistency of protein powder) water
Same directions as the first recipe:
Mix everything together and freeze for 45 minutes – take it out, stir everything & freeze for 20 minutes.  Eat, savor, take pictures, and send to Christina.

Both were delicious!

Next are the workouts:
Friday was shoulders and a 15 minute treadmill run, Saturday was a record speed leg day & accidental run day, Sunday was rest day from the gym and non-accidental run day, and yesterday was chest/back.

Friday: Shoulders

Warm-Up; L’s & T’s (3 sets)
12lb DB’s for 16 (8 reps L’s, 8 reps T’s), 15lb DBs for 16, 15lb DB’s for 16
Arnold Press (2 sets): 15lb DBs for 15, 25lb DBs for 8
Superset; Plate Shrugs & Military Press
Shrugs (4sets): 45lb plates for 12, 45lb for 12, 45lb for 10, 35lb for 12
Press (4 sets): 30lb DBs for 7, 30lb for 6, 25lb for 10, 20lb for 15
Superset; Upright Rows & Front Raises
Rows (3 sets): 65lb for 12, 65lb for 12, 65lb for 10
Raises (3 sets): 25lb for 12 (all 3 sets)
*Note: These are done holding a DB with both hands in the center.
Rear Delt Fly (Burnouts – no rest): 12lb DB’s for 15, 12lb for 12, 10lb for 12

Treadmill: Varied incline & speed; 15 minutes for 1.56 miles

Saturday: Fastest Leg Day Ever

…Seriously, I got to the gym around 2 to find out they closed at 3 – factor in changing and clean-up, my workout lasted a total 30 minutes, and my legs haven’t burned like that in a long time.

Lunges (6 forward, 4 reverse) (4 sets):
55lb for 40 (24 forward, 16 reverse), 65lb for 30, 60lb for 30, 55lb for 40
In & Out Squats (Free bar) (3 sets):
115lb for 12, 95lb for 16, 95lb for 12
Low Back Extensions (3 sets): 110lb for 12, 90lb for 15, 90lb for 15
Superset; Quad Extensions & Hamstring Curls
Quads (4 sets): 50lb for 12, 50lb for 12, 50lb for 12, 30lb for 15
Hamstring (3 sets): 70lb for 10, 50lb for 15, 70lb for 10
Machine Leg Press (Burnouts) (4 sets – no rest): 150lb for 10, 130lb for 10, 110lb for 10, 90lb for 20
Sunday I ran/walked/hiked – all in the same trip, I live in the woods, it wasn’t really by choice!
2 miles in 20 minutes.

Monday: Chest/Back
Lasted about an hour.

Superset; WideGrip Pulldowns & Smith Machine Bench Press
Pulldowns (5 sets): 70lb for 12, 90lb for 7, 80lb for 10, 70lb for 12, 60lb for 15
Bench Press (4 sets): 85lb for 10, 105lb for 4, 95lb for 7, 85lb for 10
Superset; Weighted Dips & Low Cable Rows
Dips (5 sets): +25lb for 8, +20lb for 8, +15lb for 10, +10lb for 12, bodyweight for 15
Rows (5 sets): 90lb for 12, 100lb for 8, 90lb for 12, 90lb for 12, 80lb for 12
Superset; Incline Dumbbell Press & Close Grip Pulldowns
Incline (4 sets): 25lb DBs for 12, 25lb DBs for 10, 20lb DBs for 12, 20lb DBs for 10
Pulldowns (4 sets): 80lb for 10, 70lb for 10, 60lb for 12, 60lb for 12
Dumbbell Pullovers (3 sets): 25lb for 15, 25lb for 15, 20lb for 15

And boy do I have a story for you!
Sadie, our beautiful (and BAD) Great Pyrenees/Lab mix is an escape artist.  I kid you not, she is a pro at slipping her collar, sneaking out doors, chewing through leashes, etc… But most recently, her favorite method of escape is by jumping off the back deck.  Not to worry, its really not all that high, but it is mildly annoying!  We got her from the humane society about a year ago, she was a stray, and now I see why!

Anyway, she jumped off the deck first thing Saturday morning, and instead of taking the usual lap around the block, she decided to take a run – and I had to run the entire time behind her so I wouldn’t lose sight of her!  I don’t know how far we made it before she was ready to come home (you know when she’s ready – she gets on the ground and crawls to you) – all I know is I was legitimately running for the better part of 45 minutes, through woods and road and a football field, in this:
If you look carefully, you can see all 3 bad dogs behind me!

And these:

Let me tell you, NOT the way I prefer to dress for a run.  And on an empty stomach none-the-less (I never train/lift/run on an empty stomach), by the time we made it home, I was starving!

Oh, and, I dyed my hair Sunday!

One more, for good measure.

You will quickly find that this is a bit of a problem I have, and I change it (drastically) every4 or so weeks.
That’s all I have today!


  1. I love the new hair color!

    Um, hi. I'll be making that homemade fro-yo right now (and I already sent my pic to Christina :-).

    Bad dog!! But really, she just wanted to go for a run!!

  2. I LOVE THE DARK HAIR! Thank you so much for your picture! The post is up! Your recipes sound amazing. I didn't even know dark chocolate stevia existed! I am on a mission now. I hope I can find it. Awesome job keeping up with the running! You are a MACHINE :)

  3. this post makes me want to go get rid of everything junky and shitty in my cabinets and buy all healthy stuff!

    you are a hot mamacita! i can relate to you though (not about being a hot mamacita) but because I just stalked your about me section and my boyfriend TOTALLY HATES when i talk about calories..mainly because he eats an entire pizza and only gains a food baby...not the actual weight!

    ok so does it count if i THINK about working out? yesterday i was just so lazy!


  4. http://www.nowfoods.com/6966
    Now Foods makes a TON of flavors =)

  5. Uhm one question??? I have many!
    Thank you soooo much for being so kind and wonderful re: your whole outlook on fitness prep and helping me.

    I am so excited for this but am worried :S

    Talked to my nutritionist and basically I look good "from the front and side" but the back/butt - not so much. Totally get that doing my first competition I wont be looking as amazing as those who have done it a few times but I wonder then…will 17 days make a dent? ;)

    Do you have any tricks or tips for what to eat in between meals? I eat a lot of white fish. I hate it. But know its what is going to get me results…sorry for the rant!

    And I like the hair colour!