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Some of you have been asking about the supplements I take to get my body into contest shape, so I decided to dedicate a page to them!
I’ll start with my little Disclaimer on Supplements:
First of all, I am not a certified anything (though I am studying to be an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutritionist).  I can only offer personal opinions and experiences.  Also, please keep in mind that if you have any health conditions, you should totally talk to your doctor about anything new you would like to try first.
We’ll start with what I have deemed most important: Protein.
These three are my go-to protein powders:

·         I use Myofusion (by Gaspari) Post-Workout and randomly during the day if I need something quick in place of a meal (which I don’t recommend – whole food is always better!).
Chocolate PB is my favorite, it tastes amazing!
·         Zero Carb SRO (by VPX) is my powder of choice for cooking & adding to my AM & PM oatmeal.  The Graham Cracker flavor is incredible, and goes well with just about any baked good.  I have the chocolate flavor at home too.  They’re not quite yummy enough to drink alone, and they have zero carbs or fat which makes them a great add-in to whole food!
·         Gold Standard Casein (by ON) is another staple in my routine – I take it before bed 9/10 nights.  I usually make it with a little less water and put it in the freezer for an hour – hello protein ice cream!  Casein is perfect at night because its time released and will keep your body fed while you sleep – this is extremely important in retaining muscle mass.  Double Chocolate is my favorite (so far).
Next are my “add-ins”:

I add 1 tablespoon of glutamine powder and 1 scoop of glyco-maize to my Post-Workout shake.
Glutamine is an essential amino acid that helps deter muscle breakdown, and glyco-maize is made with 100% carbohydrates which is crucial post-workout to restore glucose levels in the muscles.  Both are tasteless and mix easily. I get kind made by ON, but there are plenty of options!
The next 2 are my babies.. My pre-workout and during workout drinks.
I don’t take these all the time, but I love them!

·         SuperPump Max (by Gaspari) is an awesome pre-workout supplement, and the Pink Lemonade flavor is beyond words.  I switch my pre-workouts regularly (usually once a month) and try to do a week or so without any pre-workout sometimes, to give my body a break.
·         Size On Pre-Contest (also by Gaspari) is like my little secret weapon!  It’s a creatine/amino acid mix that you drink during your workout.  They make a regular version of Size On with a whole boat-load of carbs, but the pre-contest version only has 2g carbs – VERY important when trying to cut.  I use it occasionally, usually from 8 weeks out until 5 weeks out, and fairly often off season.
These next few are my “general health” supplements:

·         Fish Oil & CLA are both healthy fat supplements that I take daily to supplement the fat that I am lacking in my pre-contest diet.  I take CLA (which is derived from beef, which I don’t eat) 3 times daily, and Fish Oil only twice.
·         Chromium is used to regulate insulin spikes; I use this because I have low blood sugar and it has really helped me not to crash during pre-contest diets.  I take it twice daily.
·         Acidophilus is “healthy bacteria” found in yogurt (and fro-yo).  It helps to keep everything moving, to put it nicely.  I take it twice a day.
·         I take Calcium supplements because as I am lactose intolerant and do not get enough calcium in my diet.
·         I take both a Multi-Vitamin and a Vitamin-B Complex once a day to supplement any essential vitamins that I lack in ore-contest diet.
And finally, the training supplements:

I take these only because of the way I train (heavy and hard).  My body uses its stores of Amino Acids and Muscular Creatine fairly quickly and I use these to restore those levels.
Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions!

*Note: There are SUPPOSED to be pictures on here, but Blogger is not cooperating.
I'll add the pictures later though, I promise!!

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