Friday, June 17, 2011

Are YOU Afraid of the Dark?!

Hello and Happy Friday fellow Bloggers!
I don’t know about you – but I am SO glad its finally Friday!

What about you? Do Fridays make you super happy? Do you (like me) work a Monday-Friday job and get free weekends?

What to do this weekend?
I know there will be plenty of adventures outside (like boat rides and dog walks and maybe a round of golf?!) and gym time, and the Fathers Day extravaganza with my daddy and Rob’s dad.  Oh and cleaning the house, and grocery shopping..
Phew! I’m tired already!!

Anyway, I just have to tell you what happened last night…
I got home from work and found that we had no electricity.  Why?

That’s why.

So babe and I decided to take the night off the gym and have a date night – aka lets go out to eat since we can’t do much in the dark…

We went to Red Lobster, and I got some grilled tilapia with a double portion of broccoli (as usual), then we walked around the mall for a bit.. Then we went home and still had no electricity…

I woke up this morning to no electricity, and had to get ready for work by candlelight.. Then I actually had to drive to the grocery store for lunch & snacks for work, because no electricity means we lost EVERYTHING in the fridge.

So, despite a semi-terrible morning, I made out with some pretty nice eats for today: Breakfast was the usual oatmeal, protein powder, and cinnamon (I had to make it on the stove – no microwave – for the first time in years!), AM snack was 6 OZ Raspberries & 2 100 calorie packs of Dark chocolate almonds..

Lunch: Tuna & Sprouts wrap, HUGE mixed green salad with a whole 10 oz package of cherry tomatoes, topped with red wine vinegar =)

PM snack will be the usual oatmeal, protein powder, & PB2 (this is my favorite pre-workout meal), followed by my post-workout shake, and we’ll see what happens for dinner (crossing my fingers that we have electricity!!).

Since I skipped the gym last night, I will be making up for it tonight with a killer chest/back routine! Stay tuned =)


  1. yeah for a killer weight routine! work that back! can't wait to hear!

  2. Having no electricity is a NIGHTMARE! Looks like you were still able to whip up some amazing eats! Raspberries are my favourite!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!