Monday, June 20, 2011

11 Weeks & Counting..

Hello friends!!

I’m playing catch up today (yet again), I really need to stop taking weekends off from blogging.. This Monday morning game of catch up gets old, fast!

From what I’ve been reading on all of your blogs – everyone seems to have enjoyed their weekend and I’m happy to say that I did too!  As expected, there was plenty of cleaning/grocery shopping, boat day, gym time, Father’s Day festivities, and even a movie night! With all of the running around, I didn’t spend much time in the kitchen, so I apologize for the lack of recipes.  I do however have my workouts from Friday-Sunday which included a Back/Chest Day Friday, an attempted Leg day that turned into Arm day, and Cardio/Abs/Misc. Day (these are VERY rare, but it was fun!)  These will come in a later post; I have to find the paper I scribbled them on…

And of course, Saturday was measurement day (11 weeks out, eeek!)… Stats are as follows:
Weight: 115
Body Fat: 12.7%
Waist: 26in
Thigh: 20.25in
Hips: 34in
Calf: 13.5in
Chest: 32in
Shoulders: 37in
Neck: 11in
Bicep: 11.5in
Forearm: 9.5in

Not thrilled with the numbers, honestly… I snapped some progress pictures in the locker room – my abs are finally starting to come back (they’ve been hiding under a layer of fat/water since my off season started, but they’ve assured me they didn’t go far).

These are my LEAST favorite lifting shorts, for the record.
I decided to take some after I was all done up too, I think its a vast improvement.

And that’s where I’m at today..
Sorry this is so brief, I’m fighting off a sinus infection with massive quantities of allergy pills and am in some sort of drug-induced stupor.  Fun, fun.  So much for never getting sick!!

P.S. Yesterday was my weekly cheat day, and I stuffed myself full of peanut butter & chocolate.  YUM!!
Do you have scheduled ‘cheat meals’ or do you just eat as you please all the time?

And what is your FAVORITE indulgence?
 Mine is peanut butter, hands down.


  1. I try to schedule cheat days but it never works! I just try to eat super healthy all the time, that way if there is something around I cannot say NO to, I go for it! My diet is pretty clean and I don't keep any junk in the house so I don't really have a hard time with my meals. It's when I go out...things get scary!

    I love chocolate, nachos with salsa and BBQ kettle chips! I also love PB but don't really consider it a "cheat" food. I will generally have one serving of it a day. I don't have a lot of fat in my diet so it helps :)

  2. Hmmm.. My favorite cheat meal, that is tough. I would have to say pizza or french fries (if they are GOOD!)

    You are looking awesome girl, you have 11 weeks - plenty of time to "fine tune" your body for comp! :)

  3. Normally, I don't consider PB a cheat either - only when I eat insane quantities (I've been known to finish a jar in under a week, WAY under a week) ;)