Friday, June 24, 2011

She's back!

It’s Friday!!
Have I mentioned lately how much I love weekends?  Because I do, oh so much.

Last night I got my mojo back, for lack of a better phrase.
Yes, that’s right, I went to the gym and I lifted weights, and I felt good about it!  I did a killer Back/Chest workout that took all of about an hour (I used my Isolator, and putting that thing on takes up more time than I’d like).  And then, something amazing happened… I ran, again!  That is the third time this week, and it was glorious.  Granted, it was only 15 minutes (gimme a break, I did lift prior), and it was on a treadmill (I much prefer being outdoors), but it did the trick!  I felt wonderful after I was finished and preceded to shower off my sweat-soaked self.

Here’s my workout from last night, if you’re interested:

Superset; Close Grip Pulldowns & Dips (Bodyweight only)
Pulldowns (4 sets): 70lb for 15, 90lb for 10, 80lb for 10, 70lb for 12
Dips (3 sets): 15, 15, 12
Superset; Dumbbell Bench Press and One-Arm Dumbbell Rows
DB Press (4 sets): 30lb DB’s for 10 – all 5 reps
DB Rows (3 sets): 35lb DB’s for 12 – all 3 reps
Superset; Wide-Grip Pulldowns & Machine Cable Fly
Pulldowns (5 sets) : 70lb for 12, 70lb for 12, 60lb for 15, 60lb for 12, 60lb for 12
Fly (4 sets): 60lb for 15, 70lb for 10, 60lb for 12, 60lb for 12
Isolator Sets:
Low Rows; one set - 50lb 15 reps
Cable Crossovers (3 sets – no rest): 20lb for 16, 25lb for 12, 20lb for 12
One-Arms Lat Pulldowns (2 sets – no rest): 20lb for 15, 20lb for 12

Treadmill: 15 minutes, interval speed (Avg. 6) & inclines (0, 3 first 10 minutes; 15 last 5)
1.4 miles

*Note to Self: Use the Isolator more, seriously.  Isolate and Grow.
Go heavier on chest, and don’t skip incline presses, or pullovers.  The running needs work too, stop focusing on the incline and start focusing on distance.

Then, babe and I went out for dinner at my very favorite authentic Italian restaurant.  We are both part Italian, and red sauce is our weakness!  I tried to take a picture, but the lighting there is ridiculously dim (there are candles on the tables and I’ve actually had to use them to read the menu!).  I got Grilled Chicken Tuscany and a side salad.  I have absolutely no idea what the nutrition info is and I am OK with that.
That may not seem huge to you, but it’s a leap of faith for me – previously it was rare that we go there for dinner, even though its my favorite.  It’s a family owned place that (unlike corporate chains) doesn’t have nutrition facts available.  Before, I would  insist on going somewhere that I can come home and look up the facts on what I ate – if I’m going to treat myself, I want to know exactly what went in my body.  If you read yesterday’s post, I am trying to overcome my calorie OCD, and last night was a great accomplishment.

At the restaurant, I saw a girlfriend of mine who has recently started working out and she informed me that she wants to compete with me! And voila, my motivation to do these next 3 shows is immediately back, just like that!  I am going to take her to a show in a few weeks just to watch (believe it or not, I’ve never actually watched a show, I am always in it!) so this will be super exciting!  She’s going to start lifting with babe and I, when our schedules allow, and hopefully this fall she will be ready to do one of the 3 I have scheduled!  I think next season may be a more realistic goal (i.e. March 2012), but she doesn’t want to wait that long – and I don’t blame her.


I am so excited!!  I can’t even stand it.  It feels good to be motivated again!
I went home and watched some videos if my hero, DLB, and that just made me even more excited.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m backkk!!

After reading about all of you and your undying love of fro-yo, I got a massive craving.  Unfortunately, there are absolutely NO fro-yo spots within a 50 mile radius of me (I promise, I’ve searched).
After pouting quite a bit, I decided to take action.  That’s right – tonight I will be making my OWN fro-yo out of Greek Yogurt, peanut butter, and probably some protein powder.  I’ve found a couple recipes online, that I will tweak until perfect – and then, I will send Christina a picture of me eating my delicious creation, and I will share the recipe with all of you!

Be excited, I know I am!

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  1. UM, you are THE BEST!

    First of all, way to go on your run! Three times?!?! Holy smokes, you are a ROCKSTAR!

    I am so jealous that your friend has YOU to train with! She has the best trainer ever and you are both going to rock those shows.

    I hate that there is no fro-yo place near you! It's awesome that you are going to make your own! You will know exactly what is in it and it will probably be a million times healthier. Go nuts and top it with a little candy! Gummy bears are the best! I am so excited to see how it turns out and even more excited for your PICTURE!!!