Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Protein Junkie

Happy Hump Day!
…OK, I’ve never actually said that before, and now that it’s out of my system, let’s hope I never say it again!

I hope you are all having a lovely week, and for those of us in the States, I hope you are thoroughly excited for the 4th – I know I am! The 4th is my favorite holiday, it has been since I was little – I think its just the feeling around it: Summer, fireworks, food, drinks, etc…
Oh, AND I get the day off work! But it’s mostly for the fireworks, I LOVE fireworks.  And even though I work for an explosives contractor, I still can’t get any cool ones for myself.  Boo.

What are your weekend plans?
Babe and I are (hopefully) going to be in the boat parade! And hell, I may even have a beer.  Probably not, but I’ll consider it.  For those of you who don’t know – the last time I had any alcohol was the past New Year’s Eve, and then I had to quit for show prep.  I’m not against drinking (in fact, I love it), but you can’t drink during show prep, and I just haven’t felt the need yet this off season.

More importantly, however, was my breakfast this morning.  That’s right; I had my very first oats in a jar!  Why I didn’t do this sooner, I have no idea, because it was heaven in my mouth!  I have vowed to recycle all future empty jars of PB (and almond butter) by using them as a home for my oats.  I’m debating posting it everytime though – if you knew how many jars of PB I go through on a normal basis, it may scare you!  I apologize for the oats lack of oats in the picture; I had no time to snap a picture as I was inhaling them.
Notice the background of that picture, my kitchen table is covered in puzzle pieces!  Why you ask? Because babe and I got the bright idea to buy a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, and if I ever finish the stupid thing, I will immediately proceed to burn it!  Notice I say “I”, that is because babe wants nothing to do with it now that its out of the box, he would rather eat mass quantities of chips/candy/etc… right next to me while I do all the work.
And yes, that does say GLOW IN THE DARK =)

And of course, last night was Leg night!  It started off pretty well, but near the end I got this horrid pain in my lower back (I have scoliosis and a slew of other back problems).  I think it’s from going so heavy on back Monday, but whatever the reason, I am not about to injure myself over a few sets, so I bailed on the end of my leg workout.  It was supposed to consist of a few more sets of step-ups & low back extensions, followed by lunges and MAYBE some light squats.  Instead, I hopped on a bike and did 3.3 miles in 15 minutes.  Not too shabby.

The whole workout took about an hour, all business today!

Superset; In & Out Squats and Seated Calf Raises
Squats (5 sets): 105lb for 20 (10 in, 10 out), 155lb for 12, 155lb for 10, 135lb for 14, 115lb for 20
Calves (4 sets): 45lb for 15, 70lb for 12, 60lb for 15, 50lb for 15
Superset; Hamstring Curls & Quad Extensions (*) there will be a side note on this below
Hamstring (4 sets): 100lb for 12, 100lb for 12, 100lb for 10, 90lb for 12
Quad (5 sets): 80lb for 12, 70lb for 12, 70lb for 10, 60lb for 12 straight to 50lb for 10 (no rest)
Superset; Machine Calf Raises & Machine Leg Press *Both were done on the Leg Press Machine, & I have no idea what the sled weighs, so weight is + sled (I’m guessing 100lb, but I could be wrong).
Calves (3 sets): +120lb for 15 (all 3 sets)
Press (4 sets): +70lb for 12, +70lb for 12, +70lb for 10, +50lb for 15
Superset; Low Back Extensions & Dumbbell Step Ups
Back: one set of 12 holding a 15lb DB
Step Up: one set of 30 (15 each leg) holding 2 12lb DBs
This is where I bailed due to back pain…

Bike; Varied resistance, 15 minutes = 3.3 miles.

(*) If you noticed in my last leg post, I did these with FAR less weight.  Why? Because for some unknown reason, the machines are weighted differently at each gym (also note, there are 2 YMCA’s where we live, and we use both).  I don’t get it.
Has this ever happened to you?

*Note to Self: Decent workout today, with the back pain ordeal its hard to focus on much.  Take it easy on the back – do some yoga and lay off squats/dead lifts for a week.  No sense in getting a bad back out of the deal.

...And on a sidenote, I had to share this with you!
THIS, ladies & gentlemen, is what Rob’s side of the sink in the bathroom looks like.
Note the Capri Sun, he's addicted.

I suppose I’m not the only protein junkie in the house.

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  1. ok I am having my last pack of gum...after that listerine it is!

    As for protein...White fish is my go to ...(i have a lot of fat to shed) but a day like today...Ive had two meals. 3 oz of fish and my one cup egg whites in the AM...I get no oats. EVER. as for not being hungry today....should I sub in a protein shake? nutrition guy has not gotten back to me...I think i should but not sure.

    Carb day quinoa (every 4th day).... (PB?! I cant wait to have that back in my life)

    I dont mean to complain, I am stoked about the first competition, but I really hope second time around my food options will be better....

    a rice cake here and there wouldnt hurt!