Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I've been neglecting you..

Happy Tuesday fellow Bloggers!
I cannot believe its already Tuesday – and my last post was FRIDAY. Bad Blogger…

I hope everyone enjoyed their respective holidays!  Do me a favor; let me know how you spent your long weekend.
I spent mine at the gym and playing outside with Babe - on boat rides and (trying) to play tennis and taking walks and hanging out at the beach and going on a run.  And yesterday, I got sick! Boo.  But otherwise, I had a very enjoyable weekend.

I think summer time is the WORST time for blogging – life tends to get in the way.
Anyone agree?

I did get 3 good gym sessions in (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), and a run (Saturday), and a well needed rest day (Monday).  Let’s recap, shall we?

Friday was Leg Day!

Lunges (4 sets): 55lb for 40 (20 each leg), 60lb for 30, 65lb for 26, 60lb for 24, 55lb for 30
Calf Raises (4 sets): 150lb for 15 (toes out), 170lb for 12 (neutral), 150lb for 15 (toes in), 170lb for 15 (neutral)
Superset; Hip Adductor & Abductor
Adductor (4 sets): 90lb for 15, 90lb for 15, 90lb for 12, 90lb for 12
Abductor (4 sets): 70lb for 12, 70lb for 12, 70lb for 10, 50lb for 15
Superset; Machine Leg Press & Machine Calf Raises
Leg Press (5 sets): 150lb for 12, 130lb for 15, 150lb for 12, 130lb for 10 straight to 110lb for 10 (no rest)
Calf Raise (3 sets): 190lb for 12 (toes out), 170lb for 12 (toes in), 190lb for 12 (neutral)
Burn-Out (NO Rest): One Leg Quad Extensions (6 sets): 30lb for 24 (12 each leg), 10lb for 24, 10lb for 24, 30lb (both legs) for 6, 10lb (singles) for 12, 30lb (both legs) for 6
In & Out Squats to failure: 85lb for 20

Saturday I ran in the morning.. 2.6 miles in 29 minutes!  (ok, I walked some of it.. But I’m still darn proud!)
Afternoon was Shoulder Day!

Warm-Up; Single Arm T’s & L’s (4 sets): 10lb DB’s for 60 (15 each), 15lb DBs for 40, 12lb DBs for 48, 10lb DB for 60
Dumbbell Military Press (4 sets): 30lb DBs for 8, 25lb DBs for 10, 20lb DBs for 15, 25lb DBs for 10
Superset; Plate Shrugs & Front Raise
Shrugs (4 sets): 45lb plates for 12, 45’s for 10, 45’s for 10, 35’s for 12
Front Raises (3 sets):  30lb for 12, 25lb for 15, 25lb for 12
Superset; Upright Rows & Rear Delt Dumbbell Fly
Rows (4 sets): 55lb for 15, 55lb for 12, 55lb for 10, 55lb for 12
Fly (4 sets):  15lb DBs for 10, 12lb DBs for 15, 12lb DBs for 10, 10lb DBs for 15
Arnold Press (4 sets): 25lb DBs for 9, 20lb DBs for 12, 20lb DBs for 10, 15lb DBs for 15
1 Arm Lateral Raises (3 sets): 15lb for 12 (each arm), 10lb for 15, 10lb for 12
Hold 2 – 10lb DBs in “T” position for 10 seconds.

And finally, Sunday was Chest & Back day!  I never used to do these 2 together, but lately I seem to be combining them more frequently.  I’ll split them up again someday!

Superset; Bench Press & Wide Grip Pulldowns
Bench (4 sets): 65lb for 15, 85lb for 8, 85lb for 8, 75lb for 10
Pulldowns (4 sets): 4 for 15, 6 for 10, 5 for 12, 4 for 15 (behind head)
*Again, no idea what those numbers stand for…
Superset; Incline Dumbbell Press & T-Bar Rows
Press (4 sets): 30lb DBs for 8, 25lb DBs for 12, 25lb DBs for 12, 25lb DBs for 12
T-Bar (4 sets): 70lb for 8, 60lb for 12, 60lb for 12, 60lb for 12
Superset; (Machine) Dual Rows & Machine Fly
Row (4 sets): 90lb for 12, 90lb for 12, 70lb for 15, 70lb for 12
Fly (3 sets): 75lb for 8, 62.5lb for 10, 50lb for 12

Monday was a rest day – and it was definitely needed!  I woke up sick, which is usually a sign that I’m overtrained.  My body knows when it needs a break, and isn’t very subtle about it!

That’s all I have today.. Hopefully I’ll get to play in the kitchen sometime soon so I can get out some new recipes!

Have a fantastic Tuesday!!


  1. looks and sounds like you had a productive weekend!
    11 days till competition...woooot! :)

    I am a bit tired today...but just need to power through a bit longer :)

    Missed you and glad you're back!

  2. Sounds like a workout-packed weekend! Burn outs are the WORST! Good thing you took your rest day to recover from your insane routines!